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5 Tips for stopping stress as a busy mom!

As mom’s we have about a million and two things to stress over. The mental load of motherhood is SO large. Thankfully, there are ways that we can reduce stress as a busy mom.

Do you have a running list in your head that overwhelms you, like, all the time?

The stress can be so freakin’ real when this happens.

I used to feel like I had all of these things running around in my head, but I never got them done. Then the cycle would just start over again the next day.

As I tried to figure out how to stop this craziness, I learned about mental load and it made SO much sense.

We’re all overwhelmed at some point or another. It’s when we have a constant feeling of overwhelm that this can really take a toll on you.

Your mental load DIRECTLY affects your overwhelm and your motivation.

What is a mental load?

Your mental load is all of the things you carry with you- everything trying to remember, decide on, and manage inside of your brain.

What contributes to this mental load?

Honestly just about everything. Remembering that random appointment, your to do list for today, that one thing the teacher requested you bring in Friday, deciding on dinner, and even what to wear all contributes to your mental load.

The bigger your mental load gets, the shorter your ability to take on more things and really think rationally gets.

It makes you jump from task to task without really thinking or finishing.

It makes you get stressed when asked simple questions from someone.

As your mental load grows, so do your stress levels.

Here are my 5 tips for managing the mental load of motherhood and reduce stress:

1. Use a block schedule!

Using a block schedule is one thing that MASSIVELY helps me stop stressing. Instead of worrying about all the to-do’s I had for the whole day I started only worrying about the things I had assigned in that 1-4 hour period.

If you want to know how a block schedule can help your family click right here!

2. Have a family meeting.

The first ‘meeting’ you have should be with your partner! Be open and honest that you feel overwhelmed and you want to try and take steps to help improve that.

Talk about your roles and divvy up chores that you both agree on. Then go to the kiddos and give them chores as well!

The purpose of this is to take away the extra step of you having to think about asking for someone to do something, and then have to ask. We easily cut out two different things that can weigh on you.

3. Make decisions in advance!

Making decisions like meals, and even outfits in advance can take a seriously massive weight off your brain.

Check out my full meal planning guide right here!

If you have a family who likes to ask what’s for dinner make sure you make the meal plan visible so they can check all on their own!

This is also where making a plan for your day comes in handy as well. Even if you just take ten minutes the night before it can be massively helpful!

The simple act of planning takes away the time and energy you might spend on thinking what to do next.

4. Declutter your home

Listen, I’m not a minimalist BUT we’ve been on a decluttering journey for honestly a couple of years now. I can solidly say the more things you have in your house the more you have to worry about.

You have more to pick up, and more to take care of.

This is a great time to take on decluttering and helping clear your mind at the same time!

5. Take time for yourself.

I know this one may sound impossible. HOW?! Right?

It’s hard enough to get five minutes to go to the bathroom let alone a few minutes to do whatever you want.

I’ll be honest- I put ‘me’ time down on my schedule just like anything else and I STICK to it. This one is non-negotiable.

As a mom we put so much into others, and doing things for others. You have to fill yourself back up!

Otherwise yes you will be the crazy mom who seems to lose it every time she sees one more mess (yes I’ve been there).