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8 ways our life changed when we started using a family schedule

Have you ever thought about implementing a family schedule then ultimately decided it was just too hard or too strict for your taste? Maybe you tried it and you found that it just didn’t help! I’ve BEEN there!

Once we implemented a family schedule everything changed. But maybe you need to know what changed?

Is all the effort really worth it?

I know having a daily schedule may sound overrated to you all. But the flexible daily schedule I’ve been working on probably this entire year has really turned things around for us.

I’ll be honest before we started trying schedules the days kinda went like this:

Morning- Sit on the couch and be going through the list in my head of all the to-dos I had for the day. Start stressing.

During the day- Run around the house cleaning random things while taking care of the kids and stopping to work when I had a spare moment. I’d NEVER get one task fully finished.

Evening- Make dinner, get the kids in bed, and FINALLY get to sit and rest. Then I’d be so exhausted I just wouldn’t do anything else.

The day would end with me supremely stressed out because I got nothing done on my list. My house would be a mess and I would feel this insane mom guilt because I honestly felt like I was failing at everything.

This was NOT the truth, but I couldn’t see past all the failures of the day.

I finally got to the point where I knew something had to change.

When we finally got a schedule down some really AMAZING things happened.

That’s exactly what I wanted to share with you all today.

What exactly did a schedule actually DO for us?

1. I stopped feeling stressed about a massive list and only worried about what needed to be done in that time block.

Yes- I use a time block system for my daily schedule! I go into the details in the brand new video below.

Basically I block my day out into a certain amount of hours per block. I ONLY focus on those things in that time.

Having the freedom to only focus on only a few to-do’s vs. stressing about an entire day has been an BIG game changer for me.

2. Made housework feel LESS like work!

I know that I talked a little bit about this last week. But because I’ve utilized a schedule and started creating some SOLID systems doing chores honestly doesn’t feel so much like a chore now.

I don’t mind to just do my dishes because it’s part of my routine and I’ve figured out how to trick myself into liking it 😂

The systems we’ve created has made these things SO much easier.

3. The kids are happier because they know what to expect.

Especially with all the changes going on in the world right now, having a solid schedule for the kids to fall back on has helped their moods TREMENDOUSLY.

They feel the same stress as us when days are just a little everywhere.

With our schedule, the kids know when playtime is when screen time is when they can have SNACKS!

Yes they still ask a million times a day but they give up quicker when they know we are sticking to snack time.

Let’s be real, they aren’t angels, but since we kept at this schedule consistently we have seen a significant improvement in our days.

4. Chores are scheduled out and assigned so there is less friction over who does what.

So whether my husband likes it or not, the laundry is his job. (Sorry Honey.) Yes he did agree to that haha.

Our schedule allowed us to start a good communication around what is going on in the house and who has the capability to do what.

We are on the same page and while it doesn’t ALWAYS work it does make it way easier for us to communicate effectively and work together.

5. I’ve FINALLY got cleaning done that I never thought I’d have time for.

You know that one thing you’ve had on your to-do list to clean for FOREVER?

Yeah, I’m FINALLY getting things done on that list. Through saving time with the schedule and creating systems that work I’ve freed up time to actually get those annoying projects done.

A MAJOR part of this is the Magic Timer Method! Grab it here if you haven’t yet.

6. I found time for ME outside of being a mom.

As moms, we pour everything we have into our family, our home, and our work. We HAVE to find time for ourselves to be able to manage all the things that come with being a mom effectively.

I know this seems like a pipe dream sometimes.

The first year of both of my children’s lives I’ll be honest I completely neglected myself.

I poured everything I had into them.

I had to learn this lesson TWICE. But man is it important.

7. I am able to adapt better when things go wrong, because they totally do!

Just because I have a plan does not mean life decides to stick to it.

But when things get thrown into chaos I’ve found it is way easier for me to rein the day or just be ok with the fact that today things are not going to get done.

I know that later in the week I can schedule these things back in and it is just fine.

8. I’ve started to optimize my systems to continually improve on what is working and what isn’t!

Since I actually know where my time is going and what systems I’m implementing I can strive to improve them and do better!

It’s been really nice to be able to see places that just were not working and give myself some grace to CHANGE it!

I know creating a family schedule and sticking to it can be HARD! That’s why I created a whole course to make it as easy as possible.

The Busy Mom Block Method is created to help you create the perfect schedule for YOUR life! Not a cookie cutter one from someone else’s.

You can find more about it right here!

IF you just want to check out my method for getting more things done in a day, check out the FREE Magic Timer Method right here!