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So this week is a little different from all of the others. This week, the goal is not to go to the grocery store at all.

Now, for my family I can tell you that is impossible. There are certain things we’ll definitely have to get, almond milk, fruit, etc.

If you want my full IG story insights on this week’s meal plan and the strategies click here to check it out.


But the point of a no spend week in your meal plan is to use up as much as you can that is leftover in your kitchen.

Most of America wastes a crazy amount of food. So hopefully by implementing this, you’re going to be stopping waste and saving money.

A hard rule here though is you shouldn’t compromise your nutrition for not spending money. I’m not going to stop buying fresh fruit just because I don’t want to spend money this week.

You may also see that you have all but one ingredient for a meal, so you’re going to have to grab that one ingredient.

Overall, here is the goal: Buy as little as possible.

Here’s how to set up a meal plan on a no spend week:

So what are we eating this week? Honestly it’s going to be a little cray.

These are our meals this week:

  • Vodka Sauce and Penne
  • Tacos and lime rice (need to buy tortillas)
  • Frozen chicken and canned veggies
  • Brinner (need to buy eggs)
  • Sandwich and canned veggies

This week’s meal plan is not fun like I usually try to make it. This one is the epitome of frugal. But at the end of the month, this is a GREAT way of staying within your budget.

So let me know in the comments what you are scrounging up for your meal plan this week in the comments below! Extra points if you are getting real creative 😉