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Meal Plan Week #5: Total $28.53

This week’s meal plan does not have a ton of left-over potential because we are actually leaving for vacation on Friday, (HAPPY DANCE)! But regardless it’s a super easy cheap week.

This is a series that I’m starting primarily on my Instagram, so if you aren’t following me click here and do that now!

Each week I’m going to share my weekly meal plan with you all and talk you through my strategies to save tons of money and still eat well.

For the week of and a few after you’ll see updates to this page with notes on what worked and what didn’t.


  • I’m probably not posting these in the exact order I make them because life changes and doesn’t always go as planned.
  • I tweak each recipe to fit our likes and nutritional needs. I have a daughter who is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and wheat intolerant so we switch those out a lot or I make two different versions.
  • I also tend to mix a couple of recipes to get what I want, eventually I’ll have the recipes on here for you all to peruse, but for now, I’ll be linking them below.
  • Most of the prices are from our local Kroger, you can get this meal plan cheaper by shopping at Aldi!

This week’s Meal Plan


Cost: $8.57 / $1.42 per meal

We usually get about 3 meals (9ish servings) out of this. Of course our toddler eats a little less, so I’m calling this 6 servings.

Just your simple box noodles, a large jar of Prego sauce, can of mushrooms, and 1 LB of turkey burger.


Cost: $5.10 / $1.02 per meal

This recipe usually gets us about 2 meals, so 5ish meals, and it is SUPER yummy.

Teriyaki Sauce Recipe (I omit the water and cornstarch in the mix).

Then I just cut up some chicken and throw it in the pan at a medium high heat. Throw some cornstarch on it to thicken it up and you are golden.

I use my instant pot to make white rice and it makes it perfect every time like a charm. I’m in love.


Cost: $5.53/ $0.92 per meal

This is very much a make it what you want dinner. Grab all your favorite Burrito fixings and chow down.

Things you could to the bowl:

  • Corn
  • Avocado/Guacamole
  • Tomato
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Anything else your heart desires (or that your budget can handle)

We’ll be excluding chicken from ours since there is black beans in the rice, so the cost does not reflect that here.

Cilantro Lime Rice Recipe


Cost: $3.03/ $1.01 per meal

This is a night that I know we will not have any left overs, but it is cheap and delicious.

You also don’t really need a recipe here, make the eggs and bacon to your liking. Here is a recipe for fried potatoes just in case you haven’t experienced their gloriousness (I don’t usually use a bell pepper but you can if you like). Also, I use russet potatoes because they are cheaper.

Baked Potatoes and BBQ chicken

Cost: $6.30/ $1.26 per meal

The cost of this meal all depends on how much you make, I estimated I’d make about 5 meals with this because we usually have enough for lunch the next day for at least one of us.

Do you know what I love about making BBQ chicken? No cooking dishes. Throw it on the grill and it’s an easy cleanup. Baked potatoes are low on the dishes too if you cover things in foil (which I totally do).

Recipe for Baked Potato

Recipe for Grilled BBQ Chicken