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How To Keep Up Healthy Eating Habits – The Easy Way

Want to make healthy eating habits actually last? Yes changing your lifestyle is hard, but it can be way easier with these tips! 

I know we all have BIG ambitions when it comes to our health. Maybe you are still going strong, maybe you’ve fallen off the wagon, heck maybe you haven’t even started yet! (In case you were wondering, I’m calling out myself with that last one haha.)

There are SO many things that you can do to try and keep up your healthy eating habits and today I’m going to share some tips and share a program I’ve fallen in LOVE with!

This post does include an affiliate link to a program that I am crazy about right now. You’ll see why!

Here is the super short explanation. Julianna, a friend of mine from Busy Mom Weightloss just updated her program called The Reset. I’ll tell you more about it below along with these amazing tips!

TIP 1: Find simple (and yummy) recipes!

A complicated recipe will inevitably lead to you not having enough time or and sometimes not enough motivation to get it done.

Simple recipes give you an opportunity to quickly get a meal that is good for you rather than grabbing a not so favorable option that is easier. Having simple recipes takes down one of many barriers you might face!

This is one thing I really love about The Reset. She has all kinds of easy, but seriously delicious meals

TIP 2: Meal plan for your schedule.

If you’ve heard me say this once you might have heard me say it a million times. Don’t meal plan without looking at your week and seeing what is actually possible!

If my daughter has ballet at night I know I can’t do a complicated dinner, or one that takes more than 30 minutes to cook.

If you don’t keep your schedule in mind you’ll eventually end up with a night where you’ve planned a recipe that is too much for what you have going on and you will end up falling back on habits that you are trying to break.

Keeping your schedule top of mind sets you up for success!

Tip 3: Meal prep and freeze ahead!

This one is SO important. This is a way to again break down any barriers that may keep you from your goal.

Doing a weekly meal prep and even a monthly one to freeze things ahead can make a massive difference in keeping those healthy habits going!

The Reset has a full meal prep success manual. It’s one thing that  can really make a massive difference in your ability to keep going and not quit!

(Take a look at my Beginner’s Guide to Freezer Meals here.) 

Tip 4: Create a routine!

Routine is everything when it comes to making a lasting change!

Set a day and time during the week where you meal plan and meal prep. Give yourself a little reward after doing them! (Obviously this probably shouldn’t be food.)

Routines and schedules have helped me a lot in more ways than just eating healthy. In fact  I have a whole post about the benefits of schedules here.

Tip 5: Get your mind in the right place!

This is a method I promote a lot and we can jump into this even more in another email. But using simple reminders to keep your WHY in mind can make a massive difference.

Ask yourself WHY do you want to be on a healthier path? Write it down. Stick it on the fridge. Dig deep on this!

ALSO- make sure to have your meal plan on your fridge as well. This is a constant reminder of what you need to do next so you won’t forget!

Why am I talking about The Reset?

I’ve gotten all kinds of questions on how to make weight loss easier through meal prep.

While my freezer meal guides are made to feed the whole family real food, they are not made to be a full weight loss program. So I checked out The Reset after knowing Julianna from Busy Mom Weight loss for a while, and I was SO impressed.

I LOVE her message. It’s all about a balanced diet that busy moms can actually achieve! She has all kinds of rave reviews of women who actually got results.

The system she has developed makes losing weight easier and tastier than any other program I’ve seen! She has 45 delicious meals, meal plans, a meal prep success guide.. Literally all the things I recommend for actually sticking to a journey like this.
Check it out right here!