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DIY Industrial Shelves (Less than $8!)


When I started planning the office of our new home I immediately started dreaming of industrial shelving. It’s all the rage now as I’m sure you know, but the thing is it is expensive.

Take the drool-worthy example below from Jessica Krauss on A Beautiful Mess. It is truly awesome looking, and perfect for the room we have, but way out of our budget.

industrial shelving inspiration

So I took to Pinterest, the closest option I could find was some kind of floating shelf that would end up costing around $15 for each shelf. Which is a DEAL for floating shelves but still expensive when I wanted a minimum of six.

At this point, I was frustrated and asked Josh if we could just go to Lowes. Come hell or high water I was going to come up with a solution for our very blank wall of our office. We started walking around and it hit me, the cheapest shelf option around that has been used thousands of times, but I was going to dress it up a little.

I already had some stain that I loved from making our desk (a post to come on that one.) So all I needed was wood and the brackets. We found 1″x8″x6′ boards that were just over $8 each. We journeyed to the wood cutting section and voila! We had four separate pieces. Then came the brackets. In the interest of keeping it cheap, I bought eight 98 cent brackets but they were white. Totally off for this project, thankfully I had flat black spray paint on hand.


When we got home and got Abby to bed I was staining and spray painting like a mad woman. Eventually, I had four very industrial looking shelves up on the walls and it was SO worth it. After a little bit of math, the shelves came out to around $7.50 each.

I ended up loving how these looked so much I’m in the process of putting six in my kitchen as well. They are the perfect touch to our budding home.

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Here is the finished product!

Let me know if you decided to try this super easy DIY! Just use the hashtag #TCHdiy on Instagram.