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DIY Giant Paper Flowers

Who doesn’t love huge colorful flowers? I am in love with them. This super simple DIY is perfect for party decor (like Abby’s first) and even to decorate rooms!


What you’ll need:

  • Assorted colors of tissue paper. Think ahead about what color scheme you want to have, regardless yellow makes a very pretty middle to these flowers. It also looks very pretty to do different shades of the same color.
  • String or wire.
  • Scissors

Seriously, that’s it. Told you this was easy.


How to make them:

  1. Pick your colors. You’ll need 6 layers total for large and medium flowers, you can do 4 layers for small ones. Two layers need to be your inside color.
    diy giant flowers
  2. Decide your size, if you want it giant leave them full sized. For medium flowers try half a sheet, and for small try a quarter. Try to make these somewhat square so they end up more round than oval shaped.
  3. Cut down your middle. You’ll need to cut down the size of the middle piece as shown below.
    diy giant flowers
  4. Fold accordion style. You can make this however big or small you would like, for bigger flowers I usually stick to around an inch and go down from there.
    DIY giant paper flowers
  5. Take out your middle layers and cut fringe into the sides. Make sure not to cut all the way through! Leave a designated middle space. Then put the layers back into the fold.
    DIY giant paper flowers
  6. Secure the middle of the flower with yarn or wire. Tie it tightly and leave some extra ribbon or wire so you can attach it wherever you need to!
    DIY giant paper flowers
  7. Cut the outside edge either scalloped or pointed. If you are making more than one, use both for variation!
    diy giant flowers
  8. Now start separating starting with the middle layers (the yellow layers). Pull each layer up side by side and ruffle it up so it looks a little more natural. Continue to separate each layer.
    diy giant flowers
  9. In the end you’ll end up with some beautiful flowers for any occasion.
    IMG_3813 (1)

Let me know how your flowers turn out! Make sure to share them with us on Instagram too, just tag me @thiscraftyhome and ?use the #tchgetcrafty or share in the comments below!

diy giant flowers