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Sometimes being a mom sucks.

This past weekend was perfect. Abby was happy, Josh let me have alone time with my succulents, and I never wanted it to end. Then Monday came.

It is in these perfect times when my little girl is giggling at everything in sight that I realize how much it sucks to be a mom. It sucks to see Abby has learned something new and know I am missing out on all the other things she learns during the week. It sucks to know that someone taught her to nod her head yes and no, but it wasn’t me.

Then I have to remind myself of everything I am doing, and her daycare is doing,  is making her into this amazing little girl. Going to daycare helps her learn, and it gives her playmates. She sees me going to work every day and I pray that it is helping her grow into a girl who doesn’t see a limit to her potential.

This mom guilt is overwhelming at times. But when I get to work and I start doing the job that I honestly love, I know I am doing this mom thing the best I can. I am doing what is best for our family right now. Maybe in the future, this situation will change, but right now this is how it is, and I am honestly happy about it.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact, that sometimes being a mom sucks.

I know some of you have to deal with mom guilt too, how do you deal?

What I do for now is look at pictures of her at work, and talk about her all the time. Seriously, my co-workers probably hate me. 😉