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17 Cheap, Easy, and Healthy dinners (that you’ll totally want to eat again)

So let’s be REALLY honest. Cheap, easy and healthy dinners sound like some kind of fairy tale. But listen, the recipes on this list are ALL of these things and totally yummy.

I am the first to admit that when I’m in a crunch I will turn to the frozen chicken nuggets in about three seconds flat. While that is totally fine some nights, it’s definitely not an everyday solution.

I’ve vetted ALL of these recipes to make sure they aren’t going to kill your budget, they are decently simple to make, AND they are on the healthier side.

Most of these dishes are going to take you LESS than 30 minutes to make so that you can get dinner on quick and not have to worry about the gremlins getting too hungry.

Did we miss a cheap, easy, and healthy recipe that you LOVE? Let me know in the comments below!