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How I increased my pageviews by 918% in one month | August 2018 Income Report

Welcome to my August income report all about how I went from 1952 page views in a month to 19,886! This crazy 918% increase in page views was a ton of hard work, but it was so worth it. I’m going to break down all the strategies I used to grow my pageviews like crazy just for you!

If you’ve been on my blog before you might notice I haven’t posted one of these since May. Welp that was because our little boy decided to make a surprise appearance almost 5 weeks early.

The portion month of my pregnancy we were hurriedly trying to get everything done to be ready. My son is our second child so everything was done much later than our first. We had literally just gotten all of the baby stuff down from the attic to wash and I went into labor that night.

So my blog was seriously neglected for two months, but I’ve been back at it harder than ever in August and have lots to share about how it went.

See my last income report on how I made my first $46.46 blogging here.

Why am I sharing this income report?

As a budding blogger income reports are something that inspires me, and I want to be that person who inspires someone else as well! I remember the day I found the income report that really made the difference for me.

Blogging has let me use my skills and find something just for me while being a new stay at home mom and I’m not quite sure how my mental health would be without it!

A little about my blogging past

I started my blog over two years ago now. Back then I had one very cute daughter and I just started a job where I ran marketing for other bloggers who had e-commerce shops. I was there for two and a half years and learned so many things, but it still did not prepare me for how much work it was to start out a new blog.

I sputtered out on my blog a month or two in and let it sit for the past two years before picking it back up again. Since then most of my months have had a couple thousand pageviews at most.

I was ecstatic when I got to that point. I was slowly starting to believe that maybe I could actually make this blogging thing work.

I am a brand new stay at home mom, this is the first time I haven’t had a job in over 10 years. While I love my children, I need something else in my days as well or I just might go crazy.

I have been freelancing by managing social media accounts but I knew I wanted to do something more. I wanted to build a business that wouldn’t be reliant on clients.

The stats for this month

Page views: 19,886

Sessions: 15,941

Ad Revenue: $20.66

Affiliate Revenue: $55.28

How I raised my pageviews by 918% this month

So this is the part that you really want to read. How exactly did I make this crazy increase happen?

As with most things, dedication was the biggest factor here. Every single day of August I worked on my blog in some way.  Most days I spent around 4 hours per day on various tasks between writing, pinning, and learning.

The biggest factor in my success and determination this month was joining Dare to Conquer (formerly Billionaire Blog Club or BBC). 

What is Dare to Conquer (DTC)? It’s a ton of classes and a slack community by Scrivs, a legit successful blogger who has many many of his own blogs in different niches and has made a really good living out of it.

When DTC opened up it was priced at $397 (it goes up each time it’s opened, it does cost more now and will probably cost more if you check two months from now). That number was insane to me. I laughed at it. Then I brooded for three days thinking. What if I joined and it did for me what everyone else says it had done for them?

I read as many reviews as I could get my hands on. Every single one was positive and so honest about what they had achieved so far.

I read stories of bloggers completely turning their blogs around. Making real money, as in replacing their full-time incomes. I couldn’t fathom this. 

I didn’t even know how to approach my husband about this, so I brought it up as a joke. We are living on one income, and almost $400 was not in the budget.

Eventually, my husband asked if I really wanted to do this. After a lot of soul searching I said yes. I cannot begin to thank my husband enough for believing in me and taking this insane leap.

It was worth every penny.

Enough of the mushy stuff. I joined Dare To Conquer and from there I worked my butt off. The nice thing about DTC is it has a massive wealth of classes on all the subjects you need like SEO, Pinterest, Content, WordPress, Analytics and more.

Plus the best part about the whole thing is there is a very active slack group where you can ask all your blogging questions and get answers from people who actually know what they are doing!

Instead of googling and hoping I get a correct answer, I get a personalized answer and fast!

I know the cost isn’t in everyone’s budgets. So there are some options if you want to get in on the amazing wealth of info. 

You can take just his Pinterest course here. It seriously is the absolute first thing I would buy. He continually updates these as well so they have the most up to date strategies. 

This class is the one that changed the course of my blog and got me to actually making money!

He also offers an SEO course and an Affiliate marketing course separately as well, so if that’s what you’re needing go for it. But if you need to catapult your blog for more views, just get the Pinterest course!

Another great resource is the free 12-day Blogging Bootcamp from Scrivs if you are looking for guidance but have no money to spend at the moment (been there friend).

So I upped my Pinterest game significantly in August. Here are some things that I did really different from the past: 

  • I posted consistently every single day.
  • I created new pins for old posts.
  • I created more 4-6 pins for every single new post.
  • I worked really hard on keywording my descriptions well.
  • I started pinning my own pins around 50 times per day.
  • Really started utilizing Tailwind versus manual pinning.

The second biggest thing I did was improve my content.

I went back and rewrote as well as reformatted most of my posts to make sure they were topnotch. Then I posted WAY more than I did in the past. Usually, it was about 2-3 posts per month. In August I ended up posting X blog posts!

Now not all of these are winners, I am still discovering what the audience I am reaching currently does and does not like.

Here are all the posts I did in August: 

14 Ways to Save Money Now 

14 Budget Recipes, Cheap Easy Meals You Should Try 

10 Ways to Live More Frugal Right Now 

Best and Worst Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag 

How Buying a Nest Thermostat Reduced our Electric Bill by 20% 

Breastfeeding Essentials: The Best and Worst of Breastfeeding Accessories 

Those two things were my main focus for the entire month of August. Now let me tell you what I STOPPED doing because it was simply a waste of time:

  • Posting to pin for pin groups: I think these groups are so nice to get a community of bloggers together, I am still a part of the groups I previously posted in! Overall though, unless it is a blogging focused post, I didn’t see much success here. I had more success putting my nose to the ground and really getting my pins and content done right. I will say when I want blogging posts to gain traction, like this one, I will absolutely share in those groups. That’s my target audience!
  • Stressing about SEO: I used to read posts on SEO and just be totally LOST. Now I decided to slowly tackle one thing at a time and then go back to SEO when I can really dedicate time to it.  I just took the DTC SEO course this month and now have already started seeing results!
  • Worrying about making the perfect pin: Guess what, Pinterest may be a crazy beast to tame, but you can literally try as many pin designs as you want to figure it out! I used to really take a ton of time worrying over each pin I designed. Now I have made a template of successful pins and then keep trying new designs here and there to see what else works. If a post doesn’t gain traction? Make all new pins and try try again.

UPDATE: Since this post, my site has started really killing it. I’m talking making more than $1000 in a month and getting to over 1 million Pinterest viewers. If you want to be updated when I put up new blogging posts sign up on the list below. I’m sharing all my secrets in my emails!

September Goals

I am sharing these with you to keep me accountable, and to hopefully make you want to come back next month to see where I made it!

Page views: 30,000

Sessions: 25,000 (Overall goal here is to get into Mediavine!)

Ad Revenue: $50.00

Affiliate Revenue: $200.00


Tailwind for scheduled pins. This is basically a must if you are trying to get decent pageviews without spending ALL of your time pinning pins.

Pinterest Course from DTC. By far the most valuable class I’ve taken so far. ( This isn’t open yet, sign up for the free 12 Day Blogging Bootcamp to get on the email list and find out when it’s available!)

Dare to Conquer in its whole. This was the KEY to my success this past month. The link here will take you to a landing page on Billionaire Blog Club for the time being to check out info and purchase.

X Theme for my blog theme. It is the most versatile theme ever and has straight up excellent support.

Share a Sale, Amazon, and Magic Links for affiliate marketing.

Can’t afford ANYTHING to help grow your blog right now but still need help? This 12 Day Blogging Bootcamp by Scrivs (who is the creator of DTC and all the excellent things in it) this was my first introduction to his teaching style and it was so incredibly helpful despite being a free resource.

You can also sign up for my blogging specific email list below! I’ll give you updates when I release new blog posts like this one and share any new resources I find!

What are your blogging goals? How are you getting there? Have any questions? I’ll be answering all of them in the comments below!

Tips for bloggers who are beginners or veterans! How I increased my pageviews and actually made money blogging in one month.

Tips for bloggers who are beginners or veterans! How I increased my pageviews and actually made money blogging in one month.
Tips for bloggers who are beginners or veterans! How I increased my pageviews and actually made money blogging in one month.
Tips for bloggers who are beginners or veterans! How I increased my pageviews and actually made money blogging in one month.