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Spring Freezer Meal Guide

Spring Freezer Meal Guide

Stop stressing about cooking every single night and start loving your evenings again!

Ready to make a month’s worth of dinners in just four hours?

This SUPER easy guides shows you how to make a month of yummy meals all under four so you can STOP stressing dinner each night and take back your time! 

Plus you’re going to save a ton of money by NOT eating out because you already have a dinner ready at home. Talk about winning! 

Oh and did I mention it will cost you LESS than $150 at the grocery store?! 



Making dinner can be stressful.

Friend, I TOTALLY get the overwhelm that comes with trying to cook every day and save money. Does this sound like you? 

  • You have food in the house but by the end of the day your are too exhausted and too stressed to cook. 
  •  You want to cook tasty meals for your family each night but the prep time needed is just more than you have.  
  • You go out to eat WAY more than you want because it’s way easier than trying to cook dinner.
  • You hate being asked what is for dinner because you never really know. 

I’ve been there. I was the mom who wanted SO badly to have dinner ready every night because isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? But honestly, with our crazy lifestyle it just wasn’t possible! 

Dinner time is CRAZY. Everyone is just getting home. Kids are grumpy and screaming. You’re praying you actually have everything you need. Who wants to try and chop up vegetables in the middle of that kind of nonsense? 

The Spring Freezer Meal Guide is PERFECT for anyone who wants to stay on budget, get real meals to their family, and actually ENJOY dinner time! 

  • Stop failing at cooking each day and just pull a new recipe out to heat up! 
  • Stop fighting your kids at dinner time and actually get to sit down and enjoy time with them. 
  • Have a month of meals stocked so you don’t have to go to the grocery and figure out what’s for dinner every single week. 
  • Stop eating processed food and give your family real home cooked meals! 
  • Have time to actually finish the dishes in the sink! (Seriously, this is the first time in my life I’ve kept up with dishes!) 



Dinner time doesn’t have to feel like this!

You do not have to feel like you are pulling your hair out each night as your trying to get #allthethings done. 

I cannot tell you how much stress went away from my day to day life after I started creating these guides and using them myself! 

Stop cooking every single night. Cook with me once a month and be DONE! 

What’s inside…

  • A full step-by-step meal prep guide to get ALL the meals done in just four hours. We use 10 recipes to create 20 meals!
  • Comprehensive grocery list of every single thing you’ll need. 
  • A one month meal plan so you know what to eat each week AND a blank copy so you can make one yourself! 
  • Super helpful tips and instructions based on each recipe and step you’ll take. 
  • Alternative instructions to make each recipe Dairy free and Gluten free!
  • Cooking instructions for Instant Pot/Crockpots, or in the oven when necessary! Most of the recipes are dump recipes, AKA you are throwing them in the Instant Pot, Oven, Crockpot, or Microwave and calling it DONE! 

Exclusive recipes extensively tested: 

  • Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice 
  • Tortilla Soup 
  • Chicken Cacciatore Pasta 
  • Smothered Enchiladas 
  • Bourbon Chicken and Rice 
  • Vegetarian Fajitas 
  • Salsa Chicken 
  • Super Easy Sliders 
  • Parmesan Chicken and Rice 
  • Baked Spinach Pasta 



I’m Rachel. Mom of two and freezer prep lover.

I’ve been a hardcore meal planning mom for years now. I swear by my meal plan! 

BUT when I had my second child and became a stay at home mom I felt all this pressure to do it all. 

You know, clean the house, cook the food, have a side gig, keep the kids alive. 

I quickly found for our crazy lifestyle I just simply could not do it all. The WHOLE time I was cooking dinner I was juggling grumpy kids, a clingy toddler, and my husband was doing all he could to help. It just was not working. 

When I started freezer prepping meals I couldn’t believe of how happy I was at the end of the day. 

I dump my meal in the Instant Pot and then I go to hang out with my kids. THAT’S IT. 

I cuddle them on the couch. I get to really spend time with them and tend to their needs because they’ve had a long day too! 

This Spring Freezer Meal Guide is my favorite yet and I have bent over backwards making sure it easier and yummier than ever before! 



100% Money Back Guarantee

This is how much I believe that this Freezer Meal Guide save your sanity. If you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase within 30 days I have a 100% money back guarantee policy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I just have a freezer in my fridge, is that enough space?

It should be! I have a smallish freezer under my fridge and the whole month will fit in there with a little extra room too. BUT if you are nervous you can always make two weeks of food instead of the whole month! 

Is there a money back guarentee?

YES! I am so confident in this product that I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Will I have access forever?

YES! You have access forever!

I have food allergies to consider, what is in these recipes?

So I have dairy free and gluten free alternatives on each recipe. They are ALL nut free. 

If you have other allergies you are worried about feel completely free to email me at and I will walk through and let you know what you’d need to tweak to make this work for you. 

I am an allergy mama myself and regularly make top 8 free meals, I know the struggle!