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Are you ready to finally ditch the pregnancy stress and get through ALL those pregnancy to-dos before baby arrives?

If so, I have the perfect solution for you!

A workbook PACKED with all the goodness you need to keep track the whirlwind that is pregnancy and stop stressing how you are going to get all the things done.    

$37 $19


Pregnancy is overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Is this you mama?

I’ve been there. I’ve experienced that overwhelming stress. I’ve made those BIG prep mistakes. But, I’ve learned from all of those and finally come up with a system for mamas to ditch the stress, avoid those huge planning mistakes, and finally feel fully prepped and ready for baby!

  • You google everything, look up every list, and hope that you aren’t missing something crucial.

  •  You want everything to be PERFECT when the baby comes. You just need a little guidance on getting it all done. 


  • You’re totally stressed about getting everything done, and nervous you’re missing something BIG. 

What’s inside?

The Workbook is formulated to hit every tasks you have in pregnancy and keep it all organized in one place!

With 90+ pages of printables PLUS videos you are going to be ready for everything. 

  • Stop wrestling with naming your baby and come up with one that you both will love.
  • Learn how to create a budget for life with a new baby and take the worry of “Can we afford this?” away.
  • Know EXACTLY what to do at each trimester, what to pack for the hospital, AND what your baby actually needs.
  • Get organized! You’ll have all your most important information on hand. 
  • Stop forgetting that important question you had for your doctor. 
  • Find the perfect baby supplies that fit your budget and your family’s needs.

$37 $19


What are moms saying?

 “This pregnancy workbook is the perfect tool to help you get ready for your little one. No matter how far along you are, I would absolutely encourage you to invest in it.  I always feel less stressed when until I’ve written something down: a grocery list, a weekly budget, a feeding schedule. It’s all much more doable once you make a plan on paper.” 

– Lindsey, Mom of two 

“This workbook is really awesome. Rachel thought of everything when designing it, even a gender reveal party plan. I can’t wait to use it with my second child.” 

– Beck, Mom of one 

Take control of your pregnancy prep!

Being pregnant should be this magical time full of excitement.

But often the worry of the multitude of to-do’s can get in the way of you enjoying that.

You have all of these questions swirling in your mind. You probably spend a crazy amount of time on  searching for answers. There is so much change happening in your life right now. It’s enough to make a person a little manic.

Take ALL of those questions and put them to rest.

This printable prep pack takes you through all the to-do’s you need so you wont miss a beat.

Guess what. I’ve been there. I made mistakes. Expensive ones, little ones, time consuming ones.

My goal for you is to have the most enjoyable pregnancy ever by avoiding all the pitfalls that you can fall into along the way.

I want you to feel like you have done everything you need to do to get ready for your little one.

You can tackle all of these things with The Ultimate Pregnancy Workbook.


$37 $19


Are you ready to feel totally on top of things?

Let’s be honest. Pregnancy brain is a REAL thing. 

I can’t tell you how much peace it gives you to have ALL the information you need in one place that you can take with you anywhere you go. 

With the Ultimate Pregnancy Prep Pack you have a one stop place to put EVERYTHING you need to remember during your pregnancy and you don’t have to worry about losing that random note or just plain forgetting because of all the change in life! 

Then when it’s FINALLY time to meet your new little one, you can bring this prep pack and have your birth plan, who to contact after, and any pertinent medical information in hand. 

Once you instantly receive your Ultimate Pregnancy Prep Pack and start filling everything out, you are going to kick the stress that comes with pregnancy and actually enjoy your pregnancy again! 


Documenting all those moments of your pregnancy that you never want to forget and after baby have everything you need to track your days!

$37 $19


I’m Rachel. Mom of two and baby lover.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was very surprised and VERY worried. I had no idea what went into planning to have a baby or really what I needed to do to handle all the tasks that you suddenly had to do when you are pregnant. 

Fast forward to when my sweet baby girl got here, I had a beautiful nursery but I had missed some MAJOR things despite all my searching for pregnancy to-do lists. 

What I DID know was next time I was going to be more prepared. 

Three years later I had my son at about 35 weeks and surprise, while I had all the really important tasks done the littler tasks that just make things easier (like getting all the baby stuff out of the attic and packing a hospital bag) had just fallen to the wayside. 

I knew there had to be a happy medium between the two drastically different pregnancies I had experienced. I knew if I had just had ONE place to plan and track all my to dos I would have have done better. 

I made this Workbook for all you moms who just need a space to get everything down and get it done! I pray that you take advantage of it to the fullest and don’t end up at the hospital with a bag packed by your husband (let’s just say he tried his best). 

$37 $19


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too far along for this to work for me?

The Workbook and Bonuses are SUPER useful but they wont have much value if you get them after 33 weeks.

Is there a money back guarentee?

YES! I am so confident in this product that I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Can’t I just google all this information?

You COULD spend a ton of time searching a million different site for this information. 

BUT I honestly believe that this product has some really unique offerings that you just wont find elsewhere. Plus who wants to stress looking at a million different lists and just hoping they’re good enough? 

100% Money Back Guarantee

This is how much I believe that this bundle of goodness will help you through your pregnancy. If you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase within 30 days I have a 100% money back guarantee policy! 

$37 $19