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One Month of Meal Plans that will cost you LESS than $150

Do you want to cut your grocery budget down dramatically?

Maybe you want to save money for a trip, to pay off debt, or simply to live within a budget.

Food can be one cost for families that is outrageously high and seems impossible to really cut down on.

But there is a way for you to stop the madness and starting using your money in better (or just more fun) ways!

What’s the first step? Meal planning.

Below you can sign up to receive one month’s worth of meal planning that I’ve created from our favorite frugal meals.

I’ve calculated the cost for each meals and it should cost under $150! (Of course this is going to depend on the cost of living in your area, regardless it should be CHEAP).

Sign up below and you’ll receive access to the free one month meal plan and I’ll be sending you some helpful tips along the way.

Once you’ve signed up you can check out all our other meal planning and money saving posts right here!