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Food Budget Overhaul


Learn EXACTLY how to meal plan and save money on food so you can spend less time in the kitchen and get your food budget under control!

Ready to cut your grocery budget in half with my fool proof system?

Food Budget Overhaul is a FULL course packed with every single thing we did to take our food spending from over $800 a month to under $300!  

PLUS we don’t spend hours clipping coupons or planning.

This system is perfect for anyone who wants to save time in the kitchen and STOP hearing that dreaded question- what’s for dinner? 

PRICE: $49


Saving money on food is hard.

Friend I TOTALLY get the overhwhelm that comes with trying to cook every day and save money. Does this sound like you? 

  • You try to set a meal plan but end up still spending way too much at the grocery store. 

  •  You want to cook each night but life gets in the way and it is SO much easier to go out to eat.
  • You know that there are ways to save money on food but they just seem to be WAY to time consuming.
  • You look at your FULL fridge and realize there just nothing to make a full meal.

I’ve been there. I was the mom who spent over $800 a month at the grocery THEN even more eating out! 

If you’d like to actually succeed at this whole meal planning thing my system has you covered. You can literally do this despite where you live or your food restrictions. 

What’s inside?

Food Budget Overhaul is a complete time AND money saving system that will have you wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. 

  • Stop failing at meal planning by the middle of the week and actually see results! 
  • Learn how overcome the stress of trying to cook each night. 
  • Learn exactly how to set up your budget friendly kitchen for success so that you aren’t tempted to eat out! 
  • Start eating healthier without spending a ton of extra money at the grocery store so you can feel better about the food you are eating. 
  • Learn how to STOP completely stocking up your fridge but have nothing to eat. 

$76 $49


Take control of your food spending and STOP the stress!

Maybe you’ve felt like this before. 

1. You look up recipes and try to make a plan to save money on food.  2. Inevitably you end up with a bunch of food going bad and nothing to eat. Plus to add insult to injury you’ve spent way more money than you thought you would.  

3. Then you spend even more money eating out because you all have to eat. 

It was a complete failure.  Saving money on food is so easy and fast when you have a solid system.  This system has been proven and is absolutely not depending on where you live, your diet, or your family size.
 I know because I’ve been working on it for years. I’ve failed plenty of times. Enough times to create this whole course to help you succeed. 
This is the exact method that I used to take our grocery budget from $800 a month to $300. 

It helped us turn around our finances and pay off over $60,000 in debt in just two years.

What the students think

By following Rachel’s system I have been less stressed on what’s for dinner and more prepared for grocery shopping! Plus I’ve saved hundreds at the grocery store. I love how organized she gets with this!

-REBECCA, Food Budget Overhaul Student 

Value packed lessons to show you the BEST way to save money on food FAST

  • Learn how to meal plan in minutes so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy
  • Find strategies to save money that work for your lifestyle
  • Cut your food spending in half so you can spending money on things YOU choose to spend it on!
  • Get in the right mindset so you can make the changes LAST.

$76 $49


BONUS: Freezer Meal Guide

Freezer meal cooking has become one of my #1 recommendations for anyone who is too busy to cook every night.

This AMAZING guide shows you how to make 20 meals in just 4 hours and spend less than $150 at the grocery store!

I’m Rachel. Mom of two and money saving fanatic.

There have been MANY times in my life when my husband I said we have got to get our spending under control.

Time and time again spending less on food SAVED us. I am a firm believer that controlling how much you spend on food can completely change your finances.

I have used these tried and true methods throughout my life in many different situations to save some serious money and get our finances back in order. 

As a student when my husband lost his full time job.  When we decided to pay off our debt (we are almost debt free now!)  As a new stay at home mom when we were struggling to live on $1900 a month. Every time we had to recommit to living on less I learned more and I got better at it.  Those years of learning I’ve put together in this system just for you. You don’t have to keep spending the same on food and keep stressing about what’s for dinner. Let’s stop the madness.

$76 $49


100% Money Back Guarantee

This is how much I believe that this system will save you money. If you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase within 30 days I have a 100% money back guarantee policy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

My area is REALLY expensive, can I save money?

ABSOLUTELY. This method does not rely on bottom dollar prices. It gives you the strategies to save in your own circumstances.

Is there a money back guarentee?

YES! I am so confident in this product that I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

I’ve tried meal planning, how is this any different?

Look I’ve failed at meal planning before too. This system is designed to make your life easier and I promise if you follow it, it will!

Despite popular belief, meal planning is NOT just deciding what to eat and when. We go SO much deeper.

Will I have access forever?

YES! You have access forever and you’ll have access to ALL updates for FREE.