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Blogging Resources

These are all the kick butt things I use to make my blog awesome (and actually make money). If you see something on this list, you know it is actually valuable and can be of great help to any budding bloggers out there.

There are affiliate links on this page, but don’t worry. I only put things on here I love. I’ve been burned by buying bad products before, and that just sucks.

The bones of my site

The first things you need for a blog are hosting and a theme.

For hosting I use Siteground. They have been really good to me after having a terrible host to start with.

For my theme I use the X theme, but I would recommend something easier if you don’t have experience in WordPress.


I would not be where I am today with my blog if it wasn’t for the classes I have bought to guide me.

The most helpful is Dare To Conquer, or DTC. I still continually go through classes and chat with others to improve.

If you are completely new to blogging I can’t recommend that class enough because it includes everything you’ll need to know from set up and on.

I made my money back in two months after buying these courses!

There is also free resources from DTC here that you can check out.


Currently my main means of promoting my blog is Pinterest. Literally it’s 95% of my traffic (currently around 100k pageviews a month).

The best way to manage Pinterest is Tailwind. If you check it out here they will give you a free month trial!


Still feel a little lost? Feel free to email me at and I’ll try to help you in any way I can!