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How to find the perfect morning routine as a busy mom

Let’s be honest here, the way your mornings go can make or break your entire day. Finding a morning routine that works for you, a busy mom, is CRUCIAL for success!

I used to be the type of person who really disliked routines. However, the busier I became as a new mom the more things started slipping through the cracks.

I couldn’t just keep living like I did before I had kids- something had to change!

I’ve now found that after I created a solid morning routine that worked for our entire family it could completely change the feeling of our whole day.

So how do you do this? Well stick around because I’ve got tips for you!

Don’t just rely on someone else’s routine

One of the downfalls of searching the internet and finding so many different morning routines is that you may try to force your life to fit someone elses schedule.

Yes my schedule may work awesome for my life.

But you may very well have additional responsibilities or scheduling conflicts that may make this completely impossible for you.

I REALLY encourage you to do research but come up with your OWN version of other routines.

Track what you are doing now

One great way to really analyze where your problem areas is tracking what you are doing right now.

Note everything that you do and how long it takes.

Then really analyze what needs to be there, what doesn’t, what could you stop spending so much time on?

This is actually part of my Magic Timer Method.

You can grab it for free right here and find out how I’m tracking my time and getting more done in the little time I have.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

This is another trap that busy mom’s can very easily fall into.

It’s so easy to keep trying to make a schedule work that just never will.

Yes maybe you want to do all these things from 6 AM to 8 AM but we have to be brutally honest here. Sometimes it is just not possible!

If you keep trying to make a schedule work that isn’t feasible you will always be stressed by the time your morning is done.

Try new things mama! Take things off your list and work your way up from there.

Think of what can be done ahead of time

When you are trying to make your mornings go smoother you can always take steps to have a few things done ahead of time.

Having a simple plan for your day is a GREAT idea. We’ll talk more about that later.

Other small things that can be done the night before can make a major difference.

Make your kiddos lunch, set out clothes. or even have breakfast freezer prepped so you just have to pop it in the microwave!

Make sure to include some time for YOU

Since we are talking about creating the PERFECT morning routine for you I also highly suggest you grab at least 5 minutes to yourself at some point in the morning.

Why is this important?

Taking time in your day just for you right off the bat can help you find a sense of calm in the mess of a crazy morning.

For me, I check on my garden and usually listen to a podcast that helps with my growth in some area whether it be spiritual, productivity, or mindset. It’s usually uplifting because that is what I need at that point in my day.

Use a Block Schedule

Having a flexible morning schedule is crucial when you are a busy mom.

That is where the block schedule SHINES!

If you are using a block schedule you have a general time period and list of tasks for your morning block. They do not have to really be done in any order (however it does become more of a habit when you have an idea of what you are doing one after another).

If you want to learn how a block schedule changed my family’s life read more right here.

Want to jump even further into block scheduling and setting up that perfect morning routine for YOU?

Check out my full course + Planner the Busy Mom Block Method where I teach you how to manage and make the most out of your time as a busy mom.