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Weekly frugal meal plan #7: Total Cost $22.99

This week’s meal plan is the cheapest yet in the series because we need to save some serious money from overspending this month!

Here’s the thing about super cheap weeks like this, you are not going to have leftovers so you must plan on having something quick like a sandwich that won’t drive up your grocery budget too much.

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Each week I’m going to share my weekly meal plan with you all and talk you through my strategies to save tons of money and still eat well.

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1. Easy Aloha Pinapple Chicken

Cost: $5.29/ $1.32 per meal

This super yummy chicken dish is a combo of my favorite things, instant pot rice and super easy ingredients. I’m pretty sure this will get you about 4 meals. Personally I’ll probably put more chicken in to stretch the amount a bit.

2. Chicken with green beans and tomatoes

Cost: $6.33/ $1.26 per meal

We made this for the first time recently and I am OBSESSED. It is so good, so easy, and actually pretty good for you. Full disclosure my kids weren’t massive fans of this recipe, but I’m going to make them try it again with some tweaks.

3. Black Bean Mexican Rice

Cost: $4.44/ $1.11 per meal

This is a really easy dish to make on the fly! If you are a meat lover you can always add in some chicken or ground beef to give it a bit more heartiness.

4. Vodka Sauce Penne and veggies

Cost: $3.57/ $0.89 per meal

So this is a pretty simple recipe that I make in a pinch often! Grab a box of Penne Pasta and your favorite jar of penne sauce then add some veggies of your choice on the side.

5. Black Bean Salsa Burgers and potatoes

Cost: $3.36/ $0.84 per meal

If you haven’t tried a black bean burger you are totally missing out. These can be straight up delicious and CHEAP.

I’m going to be honest here, this recipe will be enough for my family with toddlers but I almost wouldn’t call this a four person meal. You might double the recipe if you are really hungry, or just make a cheap side.

Total cost: $22.99

There you have it! Comment any questions below and make sure to check out the other frugal meals plans here.

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